First Review of The Corpse Pose

I have never asked anyone to leave me a review on This is probably why I have so few reviews. (My first book came out ten years ago and it has 8 reviews.)

Well, Jay Sizemore, a poet living in Tennessee, wrote this on Amazon today:

“This collection of poems immediately leaps to the front of my mind as one of the better collections I have read in the last five years. Reminiscent of other favorite poets of mine, such as Bob Hicok and Dean Young, the work here is deftly crafted and precise in its choices and turns, so that its emotional heft seems to come out of nowhere and repeatedly knock you off your feet. Each poem contains at least one knockout line that will make you shake your head in disbelief at its profundity and measure of real-world truth. The collection is divided up into four unique sections that hold an intrinsic bond. The first contains poems of travel, the second is a long stream of consciousness piece that channels Dean Young extremely well, the third is a section of dry humor and irony that will have you laughing and awestruck in its language, and the fourth is a section about divorce that packs an intense emotional wallop. By the end of the book you realize that the entire book was a sort of cataloging of the disintegration of a relationship. In short, I loved this collection and will definitely recommend it to friends and colleagues. I know I will be returning to it again and again.”

You can find it here, should you believe or want to argue with Mr. Sizemore:

So, for tonight at least, my head is nowhere near the oven.

Good night, and good luck,



6 thoughts on “First Review of The Corpse Pose

  1. Yeah. I read “this small thing” and all I could say at the end was . Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You said it.

    That seems a rather small thing, but it’s not. This poem reminds me of why I keep returning to ‘believing in’ the narrative poem. It’s not that the poem needs me to believe in it, but that slipped disc of soulness maybe thinks it does.


  2. I once asked you a question, without knowing the full power of such an action, or even the importance of the query itself. But I can tell you, I’ve been searching for an answer to that seemingly innane question for 14 years, and coming close, I imagine, to the age you were when I presented this question on a dingy plate to you, I’m finding my answer to be different than yours. Mine has something more of a kinetic theme, an argument for motion, for fury, rather than peace. Thank you for the journey, I hope some day we can meet again and argue.


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